Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weekend at the Lake

Last Friday was Drew's little brother's 20th birthday and Saturday was his mom's 50th so we went to Lake Texhoma for a weekend of sun and fun :)

Leigh (Drew's mom) knew that the kids were coming down for the weekend, but she had no idea that Roger (her husband) had invited all her family and friends down for a surprise party. It was a wild weekend, to say the least :)

Leigh and Wil taking birthday shots of Patron tequila!
These people are the real source of the party- Leigh and Roger's friends that they travel the world with

This was Hank's first time in water, and thank goodness for the life jacket, because it took him a while to warm up to it, and he swam kinda crooked :)


Anonymous said...

What kind of dog needs a life jacket????

Ashley said...

The life jacket is so funny!!!

Ashley said...

Well i'm glad you decieded to b/c they are so good! I promise you will get this weird emontinal attachment to the charaters I think there's a spell on the books hahaha! I'm about three hundred pages in on the last one so good losing sleep lol!

Ashley said...

They are quite large but I promise you will get through them fast she writes in away that makes you read it fast it's really weird. If you like them me and you and Laci should go watch the movie!!!