Saturday, December 6, 2008

Elliptical Warning...

Drew and I decided that this year our Christmas present to each other would be an elliptical. So we shopped around, price checked and compared all the nifty gadgets each one of them had. We finally picked the "perfect" one- it was a Gold's Gym brand from WalMart. Drew went and picked it up last Friday and put it together (which was a feat all in itself) while I was at work. Then came the troubles. First off, the electrical panel didn't work so Drew took it back to WalMart and they traded it out of a box for another machine. When he got that home, the fan on it didn't work. But being the handy man that he is, my hubby fixed it right up. Then Monday, while I using the elliptical, it started making this thumping noise. I could tell it was coming from the left side, but I couldn't tell what it was. So when Drew got home from work he checked it out and the frame was bent! So that's what was making the noise everytime the left leg rotated around. In under a week, three things went wrong- not a very good track record. We decided that was a bad omen and Drew is returning it today. We have picked out a different elliptical from Sports Authority, and hopefully we will have better luck.

The moral of the story is- WalMart was great and tried to solve all our problems without giving us any trouble. But I absolutely do not recommend the Gold's Gym elliptical that they sale, it was a $500 piece of junk.