Friday, May 15, 2009

Not Much of an Update

I haven't posted in a while, but I really don't have a lot to say. The only thing that has really changed in our lives is that Drew was really stressed out about a test that he had to take for work. His boss told him he had to take it in two weeks, and it is a test he normally would have spent at least a month studying for. So needless to say, he was very stressed out, and things were tense around our house for those two weeks. But, like I knew he would, he passed with flying colors. So he has now passed every major test that he needs to do his job. It was a nice confidence booster for him. He is a financial advisor, and since our economy is not at its best right now, people are not exactly rushing to invest- or buy life insurance, health insurance disability insurance, he does it all. So we have had to be careful with our finances lately, which can be a little stressful, but it's not too bad. I just continue to pray that business will pick up and he will meet new clients that can then refer him to more new clients.

As for me, I'm still on the waitlist for medical school. I have asked them to consider my application for the duel degree program, which would be an extra year, but it slows down the pace a little, and I would come out with a master's degree also. I think I should hear something about that in about two weeks or so.

So, nothing to exciting, but that's us :)


Ashley said...

Welcome back to the blog world :) I think you had to work or something my senior prom Steph did my make up though. It was the only one you didn't help me get ready for :( Hope to see ya Memorial weekend

Jaz said...

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