Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Could've Died! (Well, Maybe)

My aunt is re-doing her flower beds and called me Friday to see if Drew and I wanted the plants she was taking out. Well of course we did, it's free plants! The problem was, we needed to get them in the ground soon because she had already dug them up. Which meant Saturday was "gardening" day for Drew and I.

We put in flower beds last year, but the bricks were uneven and we needed to add a lot of dirt to them. So we started Saturday by buying a trailor full of dirt. Then I drove to Tulsa to pick up the plants while Drew worked on getting the mulch out of the flower beds so that we could re-use it. When I got back to our house, my job was moving and leveling the bricks while Drew started moving the dirt. Now let me clarify something here. I don't like playing outside. I don't like getting sweaty and itchy. And I don't like dirt. So why Drew thought it was a good idea to have me help in this project is beyond me.

So picture this, I'm down on my knees moving bricks, putting dirt under them, stacking them back up, then using the level to make sure things are even. If they're not, I started over. Then there's Drew, standing in the trailor, throwing dirt, over my head, into the flower bed that I'm kneeling by. I'm immersed in a situation full of things I don't like!

Then, (here's the real drama) I'm digging along, and I see a huge black spider with red on its belly. "AAHH! DREW I THINK IT'S A BLACK WIDOW!" He, of course, doesn't believe me and takes his sweet time climbing out of the trailer to come check. He killed it then took it to the porch to look at it better. This is what we saw:

Yes, a bonified black widow in our flower beds, that may or may not have been trying to take my life (that's the drama queen in me.) Needless to say, I was pretty apprehensive about continuing my job of digging up the bricks. Drew convinced me it was a fluke thing that there was a black widow in our flower bed, and the chances of there being another one were one in a million. What do you know, about three bricks down...

Another one! One in a million chance, huh? So there's the story of how I almost died twice on Saturday. Well, kind of.


Ashley said...

LOL I would defintley think that thing was after me!