Thursday, February 25, 2010

Team Jacob?

So last night I had a "romantic" dream about Taylor Lautner. (And by romantic, I mean sex) It was weird in many ways. For one, you would assume it was Jacob I was lusting after, but it was the actual kid, not the character. It was also very true to life. I was really 25, he was only 18, Drew and I had split up, and Taylor and I met and had an automatic connection.

Unfortunately, being only 18, he was not a "master of the sexual arts" as my cousing Luke would say. But, in my dream, I vowed that I, with more experience, would train him in the art of womanly plessure. That was the end of the dream, but with my promise to make him into a "man," I'm wondering if there's more to come?

It's weird, I know, but really, can you blame me? :)