Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving Up

A few weeks ago, Drew and I were swimming at my mom and dad's house, and we started casually talking about buying a new house. We really like the house we're in, but we are definately starting to outgrow it (not with kids, we have just accumulated a lot of stuff in 3 years!). So we did some checking around, and found out we qualify for the FHA loan, which gives us a 4.5% interest rate and lets us keep our current house as a rental. Well, how could we say no?!?

So we found a house in Glenpool last week that we really liked.

Unfortunately, the FHA loan has certain requirements with it, and this house was too close to over head power lines, so it doesn't qualify for the loan, meaning we can't get it. We were both pretty bummed, but we both agreed it just meant there was something out there better for us.

So Saturday, we went over to a neighborhood called Providence Hills where I had seen a listing online. First of all, the neighborhood is awesome- it has a pool, a huge club house, a fully stocked pond, and a splash park. When we pulled into the neighborhood, I thought the listing must have been a mistake, all the houses looked way out of our price range.

But, to make a long story short, we ended up talking to a guy with Capital Homes, finding a completely different floor plan, and a corner lot we can build on. They are going to wave the $4,000 lot upgrade fee, pay our closing costs, and put in a full privacy fence! We are so excited, but still not trying to get our hopes up, because we still have to make sure the floorplan and lot qualify for the FHA loan. If it does, then we would start construction this week! And being in on the construction means we get to pick brick color, paint color, appliances, light fixtures, etc. So exciting, hoping it works out!


Ashley said...

Congrats that is really exciting!!!