Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still Waiting...

It will be a month on Friday since my wreck, and here's what I know- nothing. Last week, the other guy's insurance company asked me to take my car to a certain body shop to get an estimate, and they will decide from there if they are going to make me an offer. I don't really understand that, are they wanting to see how much it costs first before they say yes or no? That doesn't really seem right.

The first place we took my car to said it had $4600 in damages and was $50 short of being totalled. The second place said $3800 in damages and 85% totalled. The place that the insurance company wanted to use said $4000 in damages and 95% totalled. I'm not really sure what all that means, but hopefully it's a good thing?

So basically, I'm just still waiting. That's the story of my life.


Ashley said...

I'm loving the new background! I hope they get your car stuff figured out. I'm sure it's frustrating not having your own car!!!